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Thanks Johannes, I've located your technique extremely handy and apparent. It really is form a relief to have trough the notion of entropy directly from Boltzmann equation, calling the Shannon little bit definition.

I'd personally, nevertheless, once more pressure  that the only real point of the illustration is As an instance the role of entropy. It is not a detailed Investigation of the combustion system.

To accomplish his work nicely, a patent clerk requirements a method-earlier mentioned-normal Bull Shit meter. He requirements to have the ability to form the wheat with the chaff (cranks). There is absolutely no sharper knife than a mastery of exactly what the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics claims is achievable, impossible or extremely improbable.

It absolutely was early atomist Ludwig Boltzmann who presented a essential theoretical foundation to your strategy of entropy. Expressed in modern-day physics speak, his vital insight was that absolute temperature is very little greater than Electrical power for every molecular diploma of freedom.

This goes again into the argument about whether the coins started While using the degrees of freedom or whether the levels of freedom are "made". Along with the lattice model not less than, the two notions are seem to be equal.

Nevertheless, We all know deep down the world is quantum, and finite closed devices are discrete. Ultimately quantum physics acts as the great simplifier that lessens difficult ongoing steps into easy counting, and delivers discrete models with a strong basis.

Regardless of whether this sort of correspondences are superficial or not requires a nearer assessment with the taxonomy from which they occur, In such cases thermodynamics. This lands us quickly in "very hot water" (pun intended) because it is quickly apparent that both of those notions of entropy are at unique levels of abstraction: In thermodynamics entropy may be the evaluate of advanced causal associations between Electrical power, time, Place, heat and whatever else is floating within the bathwater.

There is a notorious trouble with this particular structuralist binary reduction: It's not necessarily accurate to recognize the Boltzmann and Shannon steps, as the previous is steady (as a consequence of steady variables like position) even though the latter operates around a finite code-space.

Like a biologist I have been puzzled for many years Together with the thought and it's appropriate click mathematical definition. The concept that the universe is growing guide me quite a while ago towards the summary that entropy should be escalating all the time.

To state that it is fewer, you must have the correct compression, i.e. have some familiarity with how to compress the placement information to take advantage of The point that many of the molecules are in a single side. 

Now if you would like accuse me of "utter nonsense", experience free to criticise me Once i get some weighty duty maths Improper. However you should Do not make an fool of oneself by exhibiting your ignorance of thermodynamics The instant another person states one thing within an unfamiliar way. I did alert you: "This can appear as a surprise to motorists, energy businesses and inexperienced politicians who all communicate glibly of Power shortages. But Electrical power, In spite of its identify, is completely passive."

But How about the relation involving information and facts and entropy? It is simple to mention "They may be precisely the same", but deep in my guts I think it needs to be a distinction.

I agree with with the worth of the "bullshit filter", giving that we've been discussing a filter during the mathematical perception in the word filter

" that inundate the internet. These qualitative statements at best supply you with metaphors, and at worst generate profound misunderstandings.

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